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    • Improve obedience
    • Learn useful commands
    • Build a strong bond with doggo

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    Excessive energy and lack of control
    Aggression towards people or other animals
    Leash pulling
    Separation anxiety
    Excessive barking
    Destructive behavior
    House soiling

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    Give a Paw
    Leave it
    Go to your place

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    Now we know what basic skills your dog needs to learn!
    Based on your answers, we are creating a dog training program that is just perfect for your goal!
    Based on your answers, we are creating a dog training program that is just perfect for your dog!

    How would you describe your dog?
    How would you describe your dog?

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    How important is your dog’s socialization to you?

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    Does your furry friend show stress in any of these situations:

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    Around other animals
    Meeting strangers
    Home alone
    Loud noises
    Visiting a vet

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    • 4
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    • 9
    • 10
    • Devil
    • Angel

    How do you perceive your dog in your life?

    Best friend
    Family Member

    What do you want to improve in your relationship with your doggo?

    Choose all that apply:

    Become closer
    Establish leadership
    Set boundaries
    Understand him better

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    Here’s your dog’s obedience profile

    Dog Obedience Level

    NORMAL - 10

    obedience - 4

    Low Obedience Level:

    A low obedience level can lead to difficulties in training, poor socialization, increased risk of behavior problems, and a reduced quality of life for the dog and the owner.

    Behavioral Issues

    • Responsiveness


    • Trainability


    • Dog-Owner Bond


    • Breed


    Do you have any important event coming up?

    Having something to look forward can be a great motivator for reaching the goal:

    Birth of a child
    New pet arrival
    Personal Goal
    No special events any time soon

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      I’ve started DoggyPlan 3 weeks ago and I really enjoy it! Without force and harsh discipline, I taught my dog many commands and tricks. Now we practice commands outside to change the environment

    • Best training techniques

      Ashley Hines

      Many thanks for the wonderful training techniques. I’ve done numerous courses, but that was the best one so far

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    month 3

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    One more question

    adult dogs sometimes can show territorial aggression. Have you ever had this problem?
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    Finalizing your plan

    Has your dog ever had obedience training?
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